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Smart Rebel Video Course:

How to Innovate Your Future

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Preparing the Next Generation to Reinvent Our World…


The course is based on the book Venus Genius and is aimed at teenagers (12-18) of any sex or gender orientation who are curious, passionate, persistent, and ready to work at creating a better world. It is especially suited for girls who spontaneously showed interest in the book and still get less exposure than boys.

The concept is: “Smart Rebellion.” This means using the principles of innovation to channel your teenage years’ beautiful energy and creativity into something constructive instead of destructive. In other words, incite you to transform from “trouble makers” into “change makers”.

The video course will be available in 2022.

Meet the Creator !

WOW Moments from Beta User Teenagers

What’s Next?

Stay tuned as we develop the course to prepare the next generation to reinvent our world! We will be looking for sponsorships early 2022 to bring this project to completion.

Please contact Fabienne if you are interested in being part of this journey.

PS: As you can see below, we are serious about empowering the next generation. Thank you to budding authors Parker and Quinn!