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There is a big movement in the world…
…yet the feminine voice is still tiny in innovation

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How do we address it?

INNOVEVE company introduces the FEMIMICRY and InnoFE offers

INNOVEVE company offers organizations business management, consultation and leadership development in the area of innovation.

FEMIMICRY for personal development: Workshop/Training to unleash the feminine side in innovators.
InnoFE for business development: Tailored Plan to accelerate the launch of products and services dedicated to women.



Innovate for the Female Economy


‘Shrink it and pink it’ is over!

Until today, most products for women have been designed by men, or at least by people using their masculine side – think high heels invented for the male gaze (that are fortunately getting a feminist makeover to stop the torture…).

According to the Equality of Opportunity project, increasing exposure to innovation among women, minorities, and children from low-income families may have greater potential to spark innovation and growth than traditional approaches such as reducing tax rates. They unfortunately estimate that it will take 118 years to get to gender parity in innovation at current evolution rate.

Fortunately, there is an increasing number of innovators using their feminine side, particularly women entrepreneurs and women-owned startups receiving VC funding. According to Forbes, products designed by women are the next big thing. Initiatives like FemTech – women doctors, technologists and designers solving for real women’s bodies and lives – should also accelerate the movement.

The female economy is clearly an attractive market.

InnoFE service accelerates the launch of solutions (products or services) specifically dedicated to women, working with a unique ecosystem of male and female partners vetted for their expertise in the feminine, in the areas of: consumer insights, market opportunities, innovation platforms, business models, prototyping and story telling.

What you will get:

  • A review of women’s unarticulated needs for your specific market/project.
  • Growth strategies and new business opportunities.
  • Protocepts (concepts + prototypes) ready to be developed and commercialized.
  • A compelling communication story.

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Leverage under-utilized innovation potential


Unleash the feminine side in innovators.

FEMIMICRY name is coined after ‘biomimicry’, which is the science of observing Mother Nature and mimicking her to create solutions for human beings (like the VELCRO® loop-and-hook fastener that was invented by observing how the tiny hooks of the cockle-burs plant stuck to fabrics). FEMIMICRY concept observes how our feminine traits can support innovation and leverages those traits in any innovator.

This comes from more than 30 years of innovation and is based on the fact that all human beings have a masculine side and a feminine one, both being needed for successful innovation. If our masculine side supports well the back-end of innovation, executing with focus action-oriented tasks, our feminine side is particularly suited to front-end innovation, with skills and values like empathy, inclusivity, nurturing, intuition, gratitude and collaboration.

“After all, feminism did a pretty good job of showing that women can do what men do. What we haven’t achieved is showing that men can do what women do” – Jessamyn Neuhaus

”… while girls are taught positive masculine traits like self-confidence and assertiveness, little is done to teach boys positive feminine traits like emotion and nurturing’ – Andrew Schlesinger

The FEMIMICRY workshop empowers innovators – both men and women – to unleash their feminine side in a collaborative environment, leading to more disruptive innovative solutions and a happier workplace.

What you will get:

  • A better understanding of innovation.
  • Detailed review of skills and values supporting front-end innovation.
  • A ‘Monday morning’ action plan by attendee, and a plan recommendation at the organization level.

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