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Transformative Innovation by Embracing Feminine Energy

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Innovation:'Something New that Creates Value'

Fabienne Jacquet


INNOVEVE® was born when its founder Fabienne Jacquet had the good fortune of realizing – at a crucial point in her life – that when she allowed the more feminine parts of her brain to have a seat at the table, her ideas and contributions became more valuable as did those of her co-workers.

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‘Fabienne is a visionary innovator and catalyst for teams and organizations to take their thinking and business results from innovation to the next level.’

Soren Kaplan
Innovation Point, Center for Effective Organizations at USC, Thinkers50 Thought Leader, Fast Company & Inc. Magazine

What Does INNOVEVE® Do?

INNOVEVE® is an innovation consultancy led by founder Fabienne Jacquet PhD.  Fabienne’s mission is to empower organizations and individuals to recognize and value feminine and masculine traits associated with innovation. Organizations of any size and type can put these traits to work together in service of more meaningful and sustainable innovation.

Individuals can leverage this understanding to increase self-awareness, maximize potential, and achieve goals. INNOVEVE leverages Fabienne’s 3 decades of international experience in managing and leading the innovation process in Fortune 500 companies.

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Deep study of this topic lead Fabienne to recognize the blockers of good innovation and the impact of the devaluation of feminine traits in the innovation process. Indeed, to date, the world – and innovation – has been mainly driven by masculine energy.

World Class innovation and design calls upon human traits typically regarded as feminine to provide the best innovative solutions. Some of these traits are empathy, intuition and collaboration. By tapping into these traits and combining them with those typically thought of as masculine, Fabienne believes that organizations can take their innovation process to the next level and drive success for their initiatives. At the level of the individual, she believes that recognizing and acknowledging these traits results in a deeper understanding of our individual goals and helps us to achieve our fullest potential as human beings, leaders and innovators.

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‘Fabienne is a professional connection in the open innovation market space. She’s a great strategic mind and a true change agent in moving big ideas forward. As a client and business partner, she is a pleasure to work with and a consummate professional.’

Michael Docherty
Co-founder and Managing Partner, NextBig – Author, Collective Disruption

The Feminine Success Formula for Innovation

Fabienne Jacquet, a chemist by education, shares the key to her Feminine Innovation Toolkit

When organizations practice empathy (Em), nurturing (N), inclusivity and intuition (I2) as well as gratitude (G) and catalyze it with collaboration (Co), the resulting innovation emotionally connects to consumers (the heart), bringing revenues to the business.

To those who think that emotions don’t sell, science backs up the fact that emotions are critical in people’s decision-making. Rationality only represents about 20% of human decision-making. This is especially true for the untapped female market that represents a $20+ trillion business opportunity.

‘Shrink it and pink it’ is over!

Until today, most products for women have been designed by men, or at least by people using their masculine side – think high heels invented for the male gaze (that are fortunately getting a feminist makeover to stop the torture…).

If businesses want to innovate meaningful solutions for women, they need to ensure that they understand the  specific needs of women through a feminine lens.

Innoveve - Logo

‘Fabienne is a passionate change agent who brings out the innovative spirit in those around her. She truly sees ahead of, around, and beyond the curve. When I had the pleasure of reporting to Fabienne, she often told me to ‘bring my whole self to work’. She exemplified this mantra and I think she recognized the importance of bringing your whole self when innovating, well before all of us.’

Regina Hourigan
Manager of Innovation Capabilities at Colgate-Palmolive